Shiny Things – Pre-Order Now!

Shiny Things is book 1 in a brand new Christian Romantic Suspense series - Gretel Koch Jewel Thief Nothing beats the high of stealing ... unless it's the euphoria of getting away with it. Gretel wasn't living if she wasn't planning her next heist or jostling stolen diamonds from one country to the next. Her high life crashed around her when she fell in love with the wrong man. Oddly enough, hope appeared in the form of another man offering [...]

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Missing Florence – out now!

Book 7 in The Amish Bonnet Sisters series is now live in the Amazon store. With two weddings to plan, It's a busy time for the Amish girls in the Baker family. Will their mother be successful in her desire to combine the weddings into a double? When the new stepfather moves into the house, will he be harsh and strict like their new stepsister warned them? Cherish is up to her usual mischief and drags one of her sisters [...]

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