All of these cozy mysteries are now on Amazon kindle and available to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Ettie Smith Box Set (Volume 1)

Books 1 – 3

Secrets Come Home: Amish Murder: Murder in the Amish Bakery:

Box Set (Volume 2)

Books 4 – 6

Amish Murder Too Close: Amish Quilt Shop Mystery: Amish Baby Mystery

Box Set (Volume 3)

Books 7 – 9

Betrayed: Amish False Witness: Amish Barn Murders

Box Set (Volume 4)

Books 10 – 12

Amish Christmas Mystery: Who Killed Uncle Alfie?: LOST

Box Set (Volume 5)

Books 13- 15

Amish Cover-Up: Amish Crossword Murder: Old Promises

Box Set (Volume 6)

Books 16-18

Amish Mystery at Rose Cottage: Plain Secrets: Fear Thy Neighbor

Box Set (Volume 7)

Books 19-21

Amish Winter Murder Mystery: Amish Scarecrow Murders: Threadly Secret

Books in the series so far:

Book 1 Secrets Come Home

Book 2 Amish Murder

Book 3 Murder in the Amish Bakery

Book 4 Amish Murder Too Close

Book 5 Amish Quilt Shop Mystery

Book 6 Amish Baby Mystery

Book 7 Betrayed

Book 8: Amish False Witness

Book 9: Amish Barn Murders

Book 10 Amish Christmas Mystery

Book 11 Who Killed Uncle Alfie?

Book 12 Lost: Amish Mystery

Book 13 Amish Cover-Up

Book 14 Amish Crossword Murder

Book 15 Old Promises

Book 16 Amish Mystery at Rose Cottage

Book 17 Amish Mystery: Plain Secrets

Book 18 Amish Mystery: Fear Thy Neighbor

Book 19 Amish Winter Murder Mystery

Book 20 Amish Scarecrow Murders

Book 21 Threadly Secret

Book 22 Sugar and Spite

Book 23 A Puzzling Amish Murder