Book #27 and Book #28 of The Amish Bonnet Sisters are both available to Pre-Order on Amazon.

The Stolen Amish Wedding #27 The Amish Bonnet Sisters – releases March 15.

It’s three years on for the bonnet sisters.
And a whole three years since Cherish has been to her beloved farm. Catch up on everything that’s happened for the blended Baker/Bruner family.

A Season For Second Chances #28 The Amish Bonnet Sisters – releases April 19.

Wilma is recovering from the wedding while Favor deals with doubts that have crept into her mind about getting married. Krystal has reached a crossroads and must decide whether she wants to continue living as an Amish woman.

If you haven’t started The Bonnet Sisters series yet, it’s best to start from the book #1 Amish Mercy.
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