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USA Today Bestselling author of Christian fiction, Amish romance and mysteries.

New Release – The Amish Marriage Pact!

The Amish Marriage Pact is live in the Amazon store! It started with a secret pact to marry. It ended in tears. Kate blamed her disgraced siblings for Michael's sudden disinterest in their budding romance. After what they'd done, she couldn't blame him for not wanting to marry her, but did he have to fall in love with her best friend and leave their Amish community? Disappointment over his double standards and broken promise filled her heart with bitterness. When a [...]

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Sneak Peek of The Unsuitable Amish Bride (book 19 The Amish Bonnet Sisters)

Cherish couldn’t believe it. All she could do was stay rooted to her spot on the porch with her mouth hanging open. Krystal was back! And, she’d arrived in the same taxi with Bliss’s cousin, Debbie. “I guess that’s Debbie,” Mamm said, quite unaware Krystal was there. “She could’ve let us know she would be a day early. Just as well we already have the room prepared for her.” “Who else do you see?” Cherish asked. “Who is it?” Joy [...]

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Her Amish Farm is now live!

Her Amish Farm Book 18 in The Amish Bonnet Sisters series is now live on Amazon! Also live today is the box set books 16 - 18. A BIG thank you to my readers for making Her Amish Farm #1 New Release in Amish Fiction and Amish Romance on release day! Spring has arrived and brought with it new adventures for the Amish Bonnet Sisters and their blended family. Cherish is finally on her way to her farm, but what will [...]

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Amish Bachelor’s Christmas is now live in the Amazon store!

2020 New Release Amish Romance Christmas Novel from USA Today Bestselling author, Samantha Price. Amish woman Delia Kauffman was happy to move to the small town of Stinterton to become the new schoolteacher. When she arrived, she was devastated to see the man who broke her heart. Joe was also stunned to bump into Delia. As they work closely on the Christmas play, Joe second-guesses his decision of years ago, but would Delia allow him a second chance? Can the [...]

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Coming soon – Amish Bachelor’s Christmas!

Releasing December 3, 2020. From USA Today Bestselling author Samantha Price comes this heartwarming, feel-good Christmas tale about the joy of falling in love when you least expect it.  Amish woman Delia Kauffman was happy to move to the small town of Stinterton to become the new schoolteacher. When she arrived, she was devastated to see the man who broke her heart. Joe was stunned to bump into Delia and was delighted she'd grown into such an independent and vibrant woman. As [...]

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A Puzzling Amish Murder is now live in the Amazon store.

Book #23 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries: A Puzzling Amish Murder: Ettie Smith is back! She's over eighty and Amish, but this feisty sleuthing widow won't let anything slow her down.  When Ettie stumbled over a dead body, she was surprised to see it was an Amish woman, Deena Brown. Ettie soon learned Deena had not always been Amish. It was one reason the woman never fitted in—that and the fact that no one saw her for days when she was [...]

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The Amish Meddler is now live!

The Amish Bonnet Sisters series has a new book! The Amish Meddler is now live in the Amazon store! (book #16 The Amish Bonnet Sisters series). Now #1 New Amish Romance release. When unexpected visitors arrive at the Baker Apple Orchard, Caroline has some explaining to do. Has their Englisher guest been lying to everyone this whole time? With the truth about her revealed, will Caroline lose everyone's respect, even the man she has grown to love? For full enjoyment, The [...]

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Free Amish Romance! – The Pregnant Amish Widow is free today.

Today The Pregnant Amish Widow is FREE on Amazon! (ebook) Enjoy! Click here to download.  (Did you know that if you don't have a kindle, you can download the free kindle app onto your tablet, phone, or computer?) Other books in the series: EXPECTANT AMISH WIDOWS  (Kindle and KindleUnlimited). Book 1 Amish Widow's Hope Book 2 The Pregnant Amish Widow Book 3 Amish Widow's Faith Book 4 Their Son's Amish Baby Book 5 Amish Widow's Proposal Book 6 The Pregnant Amish Nanny Book 7 A [...]

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Ettie Smith Amish (Cozy) Mysteries – now in Box Sets!

All of these cozy mysteries are now on Amazon kindle and available to read on Kindle Unlimited. Ettie Smith Box Set (Volume 1) Books 1 - 3 Secrets Come Home: Amish Murder: Murder in the Amish Bakery: Box Set (Volume 2) Books 4 - 6 Amish Murder Too Close: Amish Quilt Shop Mystery: Amish Baby Mystery Box Set (Volume 3) Books 7 - 9 Betrayed: Amish False Witness: Amish Barn Murders Box Set (Volume 4) Books 10 - 12 Amish [...]

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