A Change of Heart (#29 The Amish Bonnet Sisters series).

My pre-readers have told me that my latest novel, A Change of Heart, should come with a warning that you'll need a box of tissues! It's coming at the end of the month (May 2022) so if you haven't already, pre-order it now and it'll be waiting for you on release day. Pre-Order Book #29 A Change of Heart. CLICK HERE to pre-order A Change of Heart. (Paperbacks will be available on release day). Also, Book #30 The Last Wedding, the final book in [...]

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New release in the Amish Bonnet Sisters series!

Book #28 of The Amish Bonnet Sisters series is OUT NOW! - A Season for Second Chances.  Wilma is recovering from the wedding while Favor deals with doubts that have crept into her mind about getting married. Cherish is left wondering if it's time for her to pursue her own happiness, but can she cut loose the ties that bind her to the orchard? Click here for the kindle edition. Here for the paperback. Here for the Large Print paperback.

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Signed Amish Book Giveaway

Join the giveaway taking place in my Facebook Readers' Group. Win 3 signed books! To enter, click on the link below, and once you're in the group, find the giveaway post and make your comment. The winner will be chosen at random on March 24 (2022). Good luck! https://www.facebook.com/groups/samanthapricereadersgroup

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New in the Amish Bonnet Sisters for 2022

Book #27 and Book #28 of The Amish Bonnet Sisters are both available to Pre-Order on Amazon. The Stolen Amish Wedding #27 The Amish Bonnet Sisters - releases March 15. It’s three years on for the bonnet sisters. And a whole three years since Cherish has been to her beloved farm. Catch up on everything that’s happened for the blended Baker/Bruner family. A Season For Second Chances #28 The Amish Bonnet Sisters - releases April 19. Wilma is recovering from the wedding [...]

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Amish Farm Mayhem by Samantha Price is out now!

Amish Farm Mayhem (Book #26 in The Amish Bonnet Sisters series) is now live in the Amazon store. (It's also available to read on Kindle Unlimited). "This story will leave you laughing, gasping, possibly in tears, and many more emotions. You will NOT want to put it down once you start." Kindle ebook here. Paperback here Large Print Paperback here The audiobook is coming soon to Amazon & Audible, but is available now on Kobo. If you haven't started The Bonnet Sisters [...]

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Coming in early 2022 from Samantha Price!

These are some of the books I've got coming over the next few months. They're all available now to pre-order from Amazon. The paperbacks and audiobooks will be available on the release dates. (The audiobooks could take a little longer). January: Amish Farm Mayhem (Book #26 The Amish Bonnet Sisters). January 28. February: Stolen (Book #5 Gretel Koch Jewel Thief). February 24. March: The Stolen Amish Wedding (Book #27 The Amish Bonnet Sisters). March 15. Amish Bonnet Sisters Box Set [...]

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Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries

Many readers have contacted me and requested more books in the Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries series. I'm happy to let you know that I've listened, and in 2022 there will be more books in the series coming your way. The next one is now available to Pre-Order. I know you'll love it. Book #25 Amish Mishaps and Murder When Ettie decides to give Elsa-May an anonymous gift of a kitten, things litter-rally go from bad to worse. Shortly after Ettie's [...]

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A Season for Change

A Season for Change Book #25 of The Amish Bonnet Sisters series is now live in the Amazon store. It's already a #1 bestseller in Amish Romance! The drama continues with the Amish bonnet sisters and their blended family. Cherish is excited because she has a prospective boyfriend, but is he too close with his parents? Debbie's in-laws visit, intending to take Debbie and her baby home with them. She's ready to say no to them, but then they make her a generous offer. [...]

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Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries

One of the most-asked questions I get is about the Ettie Smith Amish Mystery series. Everyone wants to know if the series will be continuing beyond book #24. I'm pleased to tell you that YES it will. Another book is scheduled for April 2022. I'll let you know when it's ready for Pre-Orders. The series has been described as an Amish Miss Marple, or an Amish Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. Readers love that Ettie Smith and her sister [...]

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A Blessed Amish Christmas is now live in the Amazon store!

I'm thrilled that my Amish Christmas book is finally here! A Blessed Amish Christmas I'm sure you'll love this one! Will love conquer all this Christmas? The very day Adam Fisher decided to propose to Charity, a disturbing letter arrived that made him doubt everything Charity had told him. Adam and his family had brought Charity into their hearts and their lives. Was it all a lie? Most disturbingly, he'd even trusted her to look after his daughter. Charity had learned to seize [...]

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