Title: A Season for Change
Series: The Amish Bonnet Sisters #25
Release Date: December 26, 2021
Contributors: Samantha Price

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The drama continues with the Amish bonnet sisters and their blended family.

Wilma finally agrees to take Cherish to her farm where she'll reunite with Simon. The only thing is Simon won't be alone. It's not long before Cherish sees that Simon might be way too close to his parents. He is an only child, but still...

Debbie's in-laws visit, intending to take Debbie and her baby home with them. They make her a generous offer that's hard to refuse.

While Adam continues to hold onto his disappointment with Bliss, the girls are worried that Krystal will take advantage of the situation.

A delightful surprise has Bliss forgetting about her lost love, at least for a while.

Will Adam realize he's made a huge mistake before it's too late?

This #1 best-selling series is best read in order starting from book #1 Amish Mercy.

★★★★★ This entire series is absolutely enthralling.

★★★★★ I couldn't put them down!

★★★★★ The interwoven story of the family members is extremely compelling.

★★★★★ You won't want to put it down!

★★★★★ Great read! Loved the storyline in all the books. It kept me wanting to finish it to see what happens.

★★★★★ The author has picked a wonderful group of characters. They blend so beautifully.