Title: Accused
Series: Amish Secret Widows' Society #3
Contributors: Samantha Price

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Meet all the Amish widows again as they endeavor to solve another murder. This time the murder took place some years ago. On her aunt's insistence, Amish woman Angela Bontreger has been writing to Robert Geiger. When Angela travels from her small town to meet Robert in person, he denies knowledge of her and the letters. As they talk further, Robert tells Angela that his late brother was accused of murder. Angela's aunt Elsa-May and the other widows offer to help Robert clear his brother's name. Will Robert see past the tragedies that have plagued his life to realize that he is falling in love with Angela? Will Angela go home to her small Amish town without the love of the man she wants? And why is Emma delaying her marriage to Wil?