Title: Amish Baby Blessing
Series: Amish Women of Pleasant Valley #7
Published by: Samantha Price
Release Date: September 30, 2018
Contributors: Samantha Price

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When a young single Amish woman moves to Pleasant Valley and learns of Mervin Breuer, she is determined to 'help' him. It was reported he lived with his grandmother and rarely left home. No one knew whether he was shy or whether he was content to remain a single man forever.
What will she do when she discovers the secret he is keeping from the Amish community?
Mervin doesn't know what he's done to deserve the attention of this woman, but it's too much. He likes a quiet life and she will not stop talking and not only that, she grates on his last nerve.
How will a stranger's baby cause them to overlook their differences and bring the unlikely pair together?