Title: Amish Baby Gift
Series: Amish Baby Collection #5
Contributors: Samantha Price

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Twenty year old Amish girl, Sarah, has to live with the fact that she's accidentally burned down the family home. Sarah stays with her cousins while organising the rebuild for the house.
One of the builders, Peter King, whom she's known all her life, proposes marriage. Despite having never considered him as a marriage prospect due to his quiet personality and nervous stutter, Sarah agrees to consider his proposal.
Sarah's older sister, Bessie, left the community and had a baby out of wedlock. Bessie returns with her baby, Simone, and asks Sarah to look after the baby.
As Sarah spends more time with Peter, her feelings for him grow, yet Peter suddenly seems uninterested in her.
Is Peter's lack of interest due to the baby, or is it something to do with the young woman who is staying at his parents' house?