Title: Amish Baby Mystery
Series: Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries #6
Contributors: Samantha Price
ISBN13: 978-1534656307

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Ettie and her sister, Elsa-May, find an abandoned baby boy wrapped in an Amish quilt on their doorstep. 
Ettie searches for clues as to the baby's identity and finds a letter In the folds of the quilt. 
The letter warns that if they don't keep the baby hidden, his life will be in danger.
When the retired Detective Crowley stumbles onto their secret, they know they need to find the baby's mother fast.
Will Ettie and Elsa-May be able to keep the baby safe and reunite him with his parents before it's too late? 
What does the baby have to do with a cold case kidnapping that happened years before?