Title: Amish Bliss
Series: The Amish Bonnet Sisters #10
Release Date: November 25, 2019
Contributors: Samantha Price

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An angry letter from Cherish brings a young man back into town to deliver an apology in person. How does Cherish feel when she sees him again?
Hope is delighted when the man she loves joins her Amish community so they can eventually marry. Will the isolation from the outside world prove too much for him?
What happens when Wilma and her new husband leave the girls alone for a quick vacation? Will there even be a house standing on their return?
Meanwhile, Bliss finds someone with whom she has a lot in common. Cherish tells Bliss he's hiding something, but is he?

You will love this sweet and wholesome Amish romance series because there is never a dull moment in the bonnet sisters' world. 
Grab your copy now and get caught up with volume ten of their story.