Title: Amish Christmas Wedding
Series: Amish Women of Pleasant Valley #8
Published by: Samantha Price
Release Date: December 11, 2018


An Amish Christmas novella.

Amish woman, Deborah Morris, has waited long enough to marry the man of her dreams. Her wedding was postponed twice and now December 23 is the date she and her husband-to-be have marked on their calendars. When the Amish bishop is involved in an accident and lands in the hospital, Deborah's secret fear is that her wedding will be postponed yet again. That isn't her only worry. She's forced to keep a secret from her fiance and is troubled with the lie. If he found out, it could ruin everything. 
Meanwhile, the bishop has problems of his own when a life-threatening condition goes undetected. Could this be the end of the Amish community of Pleasant Valley as everyone knows it?