Title: Amish False Witness
Series: Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries #8
Contributors: Samantha Price
ISBN13: 978-1537327297

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Florence Lapp's house has burned down, and her gun is missing. She learns that Dustin, a young man she knows, has been accused of murder and her gun has been found in his car. 
Small things don't add up, and Florence believes the young man is innocent. Suspecting that her young friend has been framed, she turns to her sisters, Ettie and Elsa-May, for help. 
Spurred on by the announcement that Florence is staying at their house until the case is solved, Ettie and Elsa-May hurry to find the truth.
Dustin says that he had no knowledge of a gun and didn't know the murdered girl. 
Ettie begins to wonder if Florence's judgment might be swayed by the fact that many years ago she had a close association with Dustin's grandfather.
How will Ettie help prove Dustin is innocent when all the evidence, including the DNA evidence, proves otherwise?