Title: Amish Love Blooms Boxed Set Books 1 - 3
Series: Boxed Sets #1
Published by: Samantha Price
Contributors: Samantha Price

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Boxed Set of the first three Amish romance books in the Amish Love Blooms series -
Amish Rose, Amish Tulip and Amish Daisy.
Now that Nancy Yoder's sons have both married, she turns her attention to Rose, the oldest of her four daughters. Rose is nearly twenty and, in Nancy's opinion, it's high time she began to look for a husband.
Rose is caught off guard by her mother's desire that she should marry and marry fast. She tells her mother that love will find her when its ready.
Soon after their discussion, Rose meets Jacob, the man of her dreams, and the two become close.
When Rose learns some scandalous news about Jacob, she is devastated and turns to her good friend, Mark.
Is Mark the man she should be with, or should she give Jacob another chance?

Books 4 - 6, the final books in the series are contained in a second boxed set.
All Samantha Price Amish books are clean and wholesome reads.