Title: Amish Mercy
Series: The Amish Bonnet Sisters #1
Release Date: January 22, 2019
Contributors: Samantha Price

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A home and a family of her own is what Mercy Baker wanted, and nothing and nobody was going to stand in her way. When the nephew of a family friend came to help with the apple harvest, she was smitten and knew he was the one.

With one of her younger half-sisters rushing into marriage, Florence Baker assumed the role of parent and tried her best to make Mercy slow down. Her efforts fell on deaf ears and then the harvest took all her attention. Her sister's budding relationship had Florence thinking about her own single status, but with her hectic schedule, where would she find the time for love or marriage? 

Will the mysterious new English neighbor turn Florence's perfect and well-ordered life upside down?
When Mercy notices some significant differences between herself and the man she desires, will that cause her to rethink her plans?

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