Title: Amish Mystery at Rose Cottage
Series: Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries #16
Release Date: March 15, 2018
Contributors: Samantha Price

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Recently widowed Nell asks Ettie Smith to find out what happened to Amish man, Jedidiah Shoneberger. Jedidiah disappeared over forty years ago weeks before his wedding to Nell. Fearing the man is dead, Ettie is just about to decline when her older sister volunteers Ettie's help. 
Soon Ettie and her sister find themselves untangling a web of secrecy and deceit when they discover Jedidiah wasn't the only one who went missing. 
Could Jedidiah still be alive after all this time?
Who was the man Nell had seen arguing with him on more than one occasion?
All clues lead Ettie back to Rose Cottage. What secrets does it hold?