Title: Amish Mystery: That Which Was Lost
Series: Amish Secret Widows' Society #10
Contributors: Samantha Price


One of Ettie’s estranged daughters, Myra, turns up unexpectedly on Ettie’s doorstep.
Myra, who ran away from the Amish as a teen, tells Ettie that her husband of ten years, Peter Davis, has disappeared without a trace.
And, stranger still, when Myra went to file a missing person’s report she found that the person she knew as Peter Davis did not exist.
The Amish widows agree to help Ettie’s daughter and enlist the assistance of Detective Crowley.
While the widows try to find Peter, they discover that he is involved in a web of secrets affecting the lives of many people.
Will Myra continue to look for her missing husband even though her life is threatened if she continues?
Is this complex case of the missing Peter Davis going to be the one case that the Amish widows can’t solve?