Title: Amish Trading Places
Series: Amish Twin Hearts #1
Contributors: Samantha Price

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What trouble can a couple of twin sisters get into? A lot, especially when the only thing they have in common is their appearance. Amish girl, Emma, was raised by her grandmother and is quiet and shy, whereas the bold and confident Isobel was raised by her mother who was estranged from the Amish community. The twins, separated at birth, meet for the first time on their eighteenth birthday. Isobel has boy troubles and convinces Emma to secretly exchange places. Desperately wanting to please the twin she's longed to meet, Emma agrees to change places for six months. What will happen when Isobel meets the handsome Amish boy that Emma has loved all her life? When Emma sees that Isobel's ex-boyfriend desperately wants to win her back, how will Emma be able to keep their secret?