Title: Amish Widow's Christmas
Series: Expectant Amish Widows #12
Contributors: Samantha Price

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Widowed and pregnant Amish woman, Sarah Kurtz, is in dire financial circumstances.
Relief comes unexpectedly when she's left an income-producing farm in Sugarcreek.
After Sarah's baby is born, she leaves Lancaster County and moves to her new home. When she arrives, she learns about the long-term tenant living in the grossdaddi haus. 
When she meets him, her irritation with him is softened by his two children.
Not wanting her daughter to be raised with one parent and no siblings as she was, Sarah knows the only solution is to marry again.
With Christmas looming, will Sarah find her prayers are answered?
Or will the tenant she's inherited stand in the way of her happiness?

You will love this sweet Amish Christmas story about finding love and hope when both seem far away.