Title: Amish Widow's Escape LARGE PRINT
Series: Expectant Amish Widows LARGE PRINT #11
Contributors: Samantha Price

Large Print

The cabin was her escape.

Now she was widowed her life had changed forever. She had to come up with new plans for her future—plans for one.

She rented a cabin on an Amish farm while she figured out what to do.

Soon those plans for one turn into plans for two when she discovered she was pregnant.

Still, the calm and peaceful lifestyle gave her plenty of time to get used to the idea of life as a sole parent.

When she becomes friendly with the Amish people nearby, she meets someone she's told is a 'confirmed bachelor,' and can't stop thinking about him.

She married a friend the first time around. If she married a second time, it would be for true love.

Could the confirmed bachelor, a man who was so opposite to her in absolutely everything, be the one?

You will love this moving Amish romance as you witness the surprising story unfold.