Title: Amish Widow's Heart
Series: Expectant Amish Widows #19
Contributors: Samantha Price


Widowed and pregnant.
Could Amish widow, Liz Lehman, look after her three-year-old twins, and single-handedly run the sheep farm while she was pregnant?
After the tragic death of her husband, Liz continued to run their sheep farm alone. When Liz learned she was pregnant, she knew she was in trouble. Selling her late husband's beloved sheep was unthinkable, but how could she do all the work alone?
In stepped her late husband's brother, offering his assistance.
But could helping his brother's widow cause him to lose the woman he loves?
Will the shy William Hershberger ever work up the courage to reveal his true feelings for Liz?
You will love this sweet Amish romance because it's full of faith, hope, and second chances.