Title: Amish Widow's Proposal
Series: Expectant Amish Widows #5
Contributors: Samantha Price

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Everything around her is broken ...

her heart, her life, and even her house. 

Evelyn had spent years being disappointed in her husband and her marriage. When Evelyn's husband died, leaving her pregnant and with a three-year-old daughter, she is faced with many problems including a house in ill-repair. When the quiet and kind Hezekiah suddenly proposes, Evelyn knows this will solve her problems as the hard-working Hezekiah is nothing like her late husband. While pondering on his proposal, a handsome new Amish man visits her community and offers to fix her house. Could this be someone who could also repair her life?

Can Evelyn put the bitter memories of her marriage and other challenges behind her? Or will her fear of being alone cause her to jump feet first into another unsuitable marriage?