Title: Amish Widow's Tears
Series: Expectant Amish Widows #18
Release Date: October 16, 2018
Contributors: Samantha Price

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When Amish woman, Millie, was suddenly widowed, she learned how hard it was to do everything alone. 
Months later, hope springs in her heart when an eligible Amish bachelor comes to stay in her community. Marrying again, she decided, would solve all her problems and, best of all, her daughter would have a chance to be raised with siblings. 
In answer to prayer, the stranger returned her attention. The only problem was, the man kept disappearing for days and avoided her questions about where he’d been. Once she found out a little more about him, Millie dried her tears and hardened her heart against him. Just when she had given up on a second chance of love altogether, an unlikely suitor stepped forward. 
Will loneliness cloud her better judgement and cause her to make a hasty decision?