Title: Betrayed
Series: Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries #7
Contributors: Samantha Price
ISBN13: 978-1535193221
ASIN: B01JB56U58

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When Amish woman, Paula Peters, is brutally attacked and left for dead, Detective Kelly requests that elderly Ettie Smith and her sister, Elsa-May, ask questions within their Amish community. The detective arrests a local woman for the attack, but Ettie and Elsa-May suspect that she has been framed. When they discover that the woman's husband, Cameron George, is Paula's former boss, they are more than certain they're right. The problem is, Cameron is a former police officer, and Detective Kelly insists that Ettie is wrong about him. When Detective Kelly finally concedes that the woman might have been framed, he turns his suspicions to a young Amish man. Can Ettie and Elsa-May find evidence that Cameron has framed his wife before Kelly arrests another innocent person for the crime? Will Paula wake up and identify the person responsible for assaulting her?