Title: Boxed Set Amish Baby Collection
Series: Amish Baby Collection #3, Boxed Sets #3


What would be worse than being a widow, expecting a baby, and trying to run a farm alone?

Amish woman, Libby Wagler, was soon to find out her lazy brother had gambled away his share of their farm.

Brock Harding won half a farm in a poker game. What will he do when he visits the farm to be faced with an angry Amish woman?

Libby wants nothing more than for the man who cheated her brother to get off her farm.

However, with the farm failing, could a bad mannered, rough looking cowboy be Libby's answer to prayer?


You will love this collection of six sweet Amish baby romances. They'll leave you feeling happy and loved.

Includes: The Gambler's Amish Baby, The Promise, Abandoned, Amish Baby Surprise, Amish Baby Gift, Amish Christmas Baby Gone