Title: Falling In Love
Series: Amish Brides #2
Contributors: Samantha Price

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As Miriam prepares for the birth of her first child, the Shantz family work to build a life for themselves in their new country. The first crops haven't done as well as they'd hoped and the pressure is on Miriam's sister, Hazel, to find herself a good husband. Hazel knows her family want her to marry one of the Stutzman boys, but Hazel has someone else in mind. It doesn't take Hazel long to figure out that Stephen, the Amish man she's attracted to, is not suited to her. Nothing goes smoothly for Hazel as she tries to satisfy everyone's expectations.
Things get worse when she notices that Stephen has the attention of every girl in town. Stephen claims to love her, but can she trust the man who had treated her older sister badly?