Title: Gretel Koch Jewel Thief Box Set
Contributors: Samantha Price

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Now that Gretel Koch is consulting for the FBI, she has turned away from her life of crime. Or has she?

Find out now in this unputdownable USA Today Bestselling series.

For your convenience the Prequel, Book 1 and Book 2 are bundled together.

(Prequel) Breakout: Gretel never dreamed she'd be caught, let alone thrown into prison with common criminals.

Thanks to her jewelry heists, Gretel Koch had lived the high life.Letting her guard down and trusting a man had led to her capture. She planned to escape, find him, and take back the diamonds he stole from her.

But could Gretel get past the bars, the thirty-foot prison walls, the psychotic inmates, not to mention the heavily armed guards?

Book 1 Shiny Things: Gretel had to profess to be a changed woman. She wasn't going to turn her back on the deal she'd been offered, but before long, temptation reared its ugly head.

Can Gretel quench her thirst for diamonds long enough to pass up the perfect crime? Could her new role for law enforcement be the ultimate cover?

Book 2 Controlled: Gretel Koch is doing her best to curb her stealing ways, but when the Purple Promise, a rare 22 carat purple diamond, is on display offered for sale to the highest bidder, the temptation is almost greater than she can bear.

What will she do when her old life collides with her new?

(These are clean suspense books—no swearing, no gore, no racy scenes).