Title: Her Amish Secret
Series: The Amish Bonnet Sisters #20
Release Date: March 29, 2021
Contributors: Samantha Price

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The sisters are back from their brother's wedding. It's not long before Cherish discovers something is amiss with Debbie, their new houseguest.
What is it that Debbie is hiding from everyone?
Cherish does her best to find out. She also has doubts about their former houseguest. Are her intentions about joining their Amish community genuine? Or could she have another agenda?

If you're new to The Amish Bonnet Sisters series, it's best to start from Book 1 Amish Mercy. Or the first box set, which includes the first three books in the series - The Amish Bonnet Sisters series Box Set: Books 1 - 3 (Amish Mercy, Amish Honor, A Simple Kiss).