Title: Mail Order Bride: Too Good For The Doctor
Series: Western Mail Order Brides #5
Contributors: Samantha Price

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Dr. Calvin Wright longed to be married and start a family as his brothers had. After corresponding with Marcie Myers for some time, he was certain he'd found someone dear, and he asked her to move to Dodge City and marry him.
When mail order bride, Marcie, arrives weeks later, Calvin's nurse, Lucy, is shocked to overhear Marcie tell Calvin that he is a 'cripple.'
Calvin assures her that his slight limp does not make him a cripple.
Marcie makes no secret of the fact that she's dissatisfied with everything around her.
Nothing is how she expected it to be, including Calvin. Money and a good lifestyle is what she expects, and she lets everyone know that nothing is as good as it was in San Francisco.
The more Calvin listens to Marcie's whining, the more he's drawn to his quiet nurse, Lucy.
What will Calvin do when he realizes he can't live with Marcie's constant demands for attention?