Title: Missing Florence
Series: The Amish Bonnet Sisters #7
Contributors: Samantha Price

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With two weddings to plan, It's a busy time for the Amish girls in the Baker family. Will their mother be successful in her desire to combine the weddings into a double? 
When the new stepfather moves into the house, will he be harsh and strict like their new stepsister warned them?
Cherish is up to her usual mischief and drags one of her sisters with her.
Meanwhile, Florence is creating both the foundations of her new life and her new apple orchard. 
When Florence gets to know her birth mother's family better, will she miss the Baker family all the more?
When another Englisher neighbor knocks on the door of the Baker home, is history about to repeat itself?

You will love this addition to the series because there is never a dull moment with the Amish Bonnet Sisters.