Title: Plain Murder
Series: Amish Secret Widows' Society #8
Contributors: Samantha Price


When Amish woman, Silvie, visits her sister, Sabrina, at the stables where she works, she stumbles across a dead body. Sabrina's boss, Mr. Caruthers, has been murdered. Trevor, the boss's son, becomes one of the many suspects, and is arrested.
Mr. Caruthers' other son, the handsome Jamie Caruthers, steps in to run the business. This upsets John Steele, the stable manager.
Bailey, ex-FBI agent and Sabrina's brother-in-law, is roped in to helping Detective Crowley, but does it prove too much too soon, given his recent breakdown?
Sabrina seeks help from her widow friends to discover who really killed her boss, Mr. Caruthers.