Title: Seven Amish Bachelors Boxed Set Books 5 - 7
Series: Boxed Sets #15, Seven Amish Bachelors #15
Published by: Samantha Price
Contributors: Samantha Price


Follow the remaining single Fuller brothers as they find brides within their Amish community.

Mary Lou has taken it upon herself to help the remaining Fuller boys find suitable wives, but her plans to matchmake Samuel, the fifth Fuller brother, go horribly wrong. 
Samuel has always had his heart set on one girl, Catherine Miller. He knows if he doesn't make a move soon, someone else will. 
He soon learns that there is more than his shyness standing in his way of happiness.
Now that people are learning of the secret within the Fuller family, will that harm Samuel's chances with Catherine?

This Boxed Set contains the final books in the Seven Amish Bachelors series:
Book 5 The Quiet Amish Bachelor
Book 6 The Determined Amish Bachelor
Book 7 Amish Bachelor's Secret

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