Title: The Temporary Amish Nanny
Series: Amish Misfits #5

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After working as a nanny for Amish widower, Nathan Beiler, for two years, Marta is frustrated. Years ago, Nathan said he would marry Marta, but no date was ever set. Marta had to get away to consider how long she could live with the uncertainty. Time away from him would clear her head. There was only one problem. She had to find a temporary nanny, and she had to be Amish, but who? Her best friend's younger sister, Deborah Fisher, was a perfect choice. Not only was Deborah too young for Nathan, she was plain. A woman like that would not turn Nathan's head and might make him miss her all the more.

Not long after Marta leaves, she wonders if she's just made the worst mistake of her life. What will Deborah do when she too finds herself falling for the handsome Amish widower?