Title: The Amish Bachelor
Series: Seven Amish Bachelors #1
Contributors: Samantha Price

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 Everything was fine until his father employed Hazel Bauer. Isaac had nearly committed to Mary Lou, but there was something about the new girl that gave him second thoughts.

 Amish bachelor Isaac Fuller knows where he's headed. As the oldest of seven sons, he will eventually take over the family joinery business. 

 As Isaac tries to find out more about the mysterious Hazel, Mary Lou does everything she can to force him into marriage. 

When his feelings for Hazel grow, he knows he's in trouble. 

The problem is, everyone expects him to marry Mary Lou. Being the eldest, he's always done the right thing and been an example to his brothers. 

 When Hazel leaves suddenly due to a family emergency, there's no doubt in Isaac's mind she's the one for him. But how can he end his relationship with Mary Lou without breaking her heart?

With Isaac under pressure, will he make the wrong decision? 

Will Isaac find true love with Hazel? Or will his fears and worries about other people keep him from his happily-ever-after?