Title: The Amish Single Mother LARGE PRINT
Series: Amish Misfits LARGE PRINT #4
Contributors: Samantha Price

Large Print

Jane Byler felt the odd one out in her Amish community. She'd been a victim of a crime when she had been on rumspringa, and that made her return to the safety of the Amish community. Months later, she found out she was having a baby and was disowned by her parents.
With her daughter nearly one, Jane has a place to live and bakes cupcakes from home for a living.
Jane thought her life a little more than a tragedy until she ran into Scott, the awful man who had assaulted her. Scott guessed the child was his and vowed to take her to court for custody.
Japheth, a young man Jane is fond of, finds Jane a good lawyer, but she had other ideas how to settle things.
When Scott is found dead, Jane becomes suspect number one.