Title: The Amish Widow and the Millionaire
Series: Amish Twin Hearts #4
Contributors: Samantha Price

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Amish widow, Lucinda, has two young children and has taken a job with an English firm hoping to get enough money to build an extension on her parents' home.
When she catches the eye of millionaire Julien Hardgreaves, a CEO from New York, he offers her a lucrative position working directly with him. Knowing that she'll be getting more money, Lucinda risks being shunned and takes the new job. Soon, Lucinda's life spirals out of control.
Julien is irritable, arrogant, and difficult to work for, but what secrets is he keeping from Lucinda that will change her opinion of him?
Lucinda would like to marry again, but will she ever find a man she can feel safe with, and trust?