Title: The Middle-Aged Amish Widow LARGE PRINT
Series: Expectant Amish Widows LARGE PRINT #10
Contributors: Samantha Price

Large Print

The day expectant Amish widow, Sarah Hersler, buried her husband, her estranged mother landed on her doorstep announcing she was there to be taken care of in her old age. With no energy to argue, Sarah agreed to travel to Ohio to sell her mother's house. When she finds the house in need of repair, she meets builder Isaac King, a widower. Sarah finds that she has many things in common with Isaac and the pair quickly strike up a friendship. Her late husband's lingering illness had left Sarah lonely long before he faded away. Sarah is soon to find out that a second marriage is the last thing on Isaac's mind.When Sarah goes back home, widowed and pregnant, can she find happiness with her demanding mother under her feet?How will Sarah cope when the baby is born having had so little time to prepare?What happens when Sarah's mother cooks up a scheme to have Isaac visit them in Lancaster County?