Title: The Pregnant Amish Nanny LARGE PRINT
Series: Expectant Amish Widows LARGE PRINT #6
Contributors: Samantha Price

Large Print

She'd do anything to support her child ...

even take a job as a nanny.

When Amish woman, Courtney, is left widowed and expecting a baby, she moves to a larger community in hopes of finding a job and a new life. She is delighted to receive a job as a nanny for a widower, who has three unruly children.

The nanny he'd pictured was not the one who arrived. He was disturbed to see she was expecting and he knew that would affect her work. Will Courtney be able to persuade him she'll be able to do it all even when her baby arrives? Can they find common ground and resolve their differences?

As Courtney's feelings for Aaron develop, what will she do when she discovers another woman is hatching a plot to capture his heart? Is it too soon to love again?

You will love this sweet stand-alone Amish romance that touches on human frailties balanced with honesty and love.