Title: The Pregnant Amish Widow
Series: Expectant Amish Widows #2
Release Date: March 10, 2016
Pages: 210
ISBN13: 978-1530464326

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After her husband's death, Grace Stevens returns to her family and her Amish community.

She'd suffered through the challenge of an abusive marriage and wanted nothing more than to be baptized into the Amish faith and begin a new life.

Grace finds it impossible to put the past behind her when Marlene, the woman who caused her to leave the community, was now living in Grace's family home and married to Grace's brother.

More friction occurs between the women when Grace discovers that she's five months pregnant. As Marlene is childless after four years of marriage, she spirals further into depression.

When Grace learns that the man she nearly married is still single, she wonders if they might rekindle what they once had, but her hopes fade when she learns she's not the only woman interested in him.

Can Grace come to terms with having her late husband's baby, forgive Marlene enough to comfort her, and secure the love of the man she once loved so dearly?