New Year – New Amish Romance Series!

Meet the Amish Bonnet sisters (as their neighbor calls them). Otherwise known as the Baker family. This series is exclusive to Amazon and FREE with KU. Book #1 Amish Mercy is available now on Pre-Order for January 22. Book #2 Amish Honor releases 2 days after. Amish Mercy.  A home and a family of her own is what Mercy Baker wanted, and nothing and nobody was going to stand in her way. When the nephew of a family friend came [...]

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Amish Winter Murder Mystery – out now!

Amish Winter Murder Mystery - Book #19 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries is now live in the Amazon store.   Ettie Smith and her sister are back! Tragedy strikes again in the Amish community when Ebenezer Fuller is found behind his barn, murdered. Ettie Smith is convinced she knows the identity of the killer until she learns surprising facts about Ebenezer's past. The more Ettie learns about him, the more things don't add up. Hidden secrets, false identities, and a surprise [...]

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The Amish Deacon’s Daughter is now live!

The Amish Deacon's Daughter is now live! Book 3 Amish Maids Trilogy Amy Yoder’s mother had found a suitable Amish man for Amy to marry. The only problem was he lived far away in Wisconsin. Being a deacon’s daughter, Amy was constantly reminded she had to set an example and that meant she needed to marry. The furthest thing from Amy’s mind was she would actually like Andrew, the man she was sent to meet. Their budding relationship was all [...]

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New Release – His Amish Nanny

The first novel in the Amish Maids Trilogy is out now! Available at all major ebook retailers. (Paperback through Amazon). His Amish Nanny Olive Hesh doesn’t know it, but she’s about to give someone a terrible shock. She was employed to be a nanny to two-year-old, Leo. The only thing is Leo’s father, Blake Worthington, doesn’t know an Amish girl is about to walk through his door. Olive convinces Blake she can handle the job, but can she be around [...]

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Amish Baby Blessing is live on Amazon

Amish Baby Blessing, the seventh book in the Amish Women of Pleasant Valley series, is now available on Amazon. (Also on KindleUnlimited). Amish Baby Blessing by Samantha Price About the book - When a young single Amish woman moves to Pleasant Valley and learns of Mervin Breuer, she is determined to 'help' him. It was reported he lived with his grandmother and rarely left home. No one knew whether he was shy or whether he was content to [...]

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Amish Lily is now on sale at Walmart

If you have been collecting my novels in the Amish Love Blooms series published by Harlequin, book 4, Amish Lily,  is now available at Walmart for a limited time. Amish Lily by Samantha Price A big thank you to the readers who have sent me pictures of my books in the stores. If you haven't started the series and would like to catch up, all six books are in ebook form at all the major ebook retailers. Book 1 Amish [...]

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LARGE PRINT Amish Romance Paperbacks.

For the readers who love reading their Amish Romances in large print paperbacks, I've made them easier for you to find. They are a little tricky to be found on Amazon amongst all the normal print books. On my website I have a separate page with three of my Amish Romance series that are all in 'Large Print:' Amish Misfits Amish Love Blooms Amish Women of Pleasant Valley Simply follow the link below, click on the book cover and the [...]

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