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Amish Brides Omnibus Paperback 5 books-in-1 (Complete Series)

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 Please note that this is not 5 separate books. It is 5 Books-in-1.

Arranged Marriage: Will she have the courage to stop the wedding and ruin her parents' plans? Is this new man worth it, or is she in for another let-down?

Falling in Love: Hazel's parents have their hearts set on her marrying one of the Stutzman boys. Should she forget about the heartbreaker and marry someone more suitable?

Finding Love: Moira wants more than marriage and babies. Excitement and travel were what she craved. When it was suggested she take a teaching job in a far-flung Amish community, she wasted no time in leaving.

Amish Second Loves: Quiet and gentle Amish widower, Michael, craves companionship and Selma suits him just fine. It's hard for some of his family members to see him with another woman so soon. To make things worse for the couple, Selma has issues of her own.

Amish Silence: Esther, a 25-year-old Amish woman with hearing loss, usually avoids social gatherings. After a storm damages her home, she bonds with Devon, the Amish man who repairs it.