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Amish Circle of Blessings (Paperback)

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From Samantha Price, USA Today Bestselling Author, comes the eagerly awaited final book in the cherished The Amish Bonnet Sisters series.

In 'Amish Circle of Blessings,' the quiet lives of the Baker/Bruner extended family are shaken to their core by the revelation of a secret that will change their future.

Catch up with all your favorite characters in this finale.

If you haven't started this series, begin with Book 1 'Amish Mercy,' and discover the Amish family saga that has won the hearts of readers worldwide.

FAQS Read A Sample

Chapter 1.
Wilma stood between Gabe and Fritz. Fritz had just driven to Wilma’s house in a taxi looking for Debbie. 
As Fritz locked eyes with Gabe, the air between them crackled with unspoken challenges and accusations. Fritz's determination to see Debbie clashed with Gabe's protective instincts over Debbie. Wilma found herself an unwilling mediator in a standoff she'd never anticipated.
“I walked out for reasons that aren't as black and white as they seem,” Fritz said. “And these legal troubles have been a wake-up call. I need to explain more things to Debbie.”
Wilma nodded. “I understand. I’m not sure where she is right now.”
“Debbie’s been through enough without having to deal with your sudden realizations. She's moving on, Fritz,” Gabe blurted out.
Fritz’s eyes narrowed, a sign of his growing frustration. “And you think you know what she wants? What she needs? She’s never mentioned you so I’m guessing you’re nothing more than a stranger.”
Before the tension could escalate further, Wilma interjected, calmly. “Fritz, Debbie isn’t here, and maybe it's for the best right now. Everyone's emotions are high, and perhaps you need some time to think about how you want to approach this. You need to calm down before you find her. She has been through a lot lately.”
Fritz took a deep breath. “I've had nothing but time to think, Wilma. And I know I messed up, but I also know I don't want to lose Debbie—not without trying to make things right.”
Gabe’s mouth turned down at the corners. “Trying and doing are two different things.”
“Debbie's well-being is what's important here. We must remember that.” Wilma looked between the two men.
Fritz’s stance softened. “I know that. And I believe she'll want to hear what I have to say. It's not just for me; it's for both of us.”
“Maybe give it some time, Fritz. Let things settle a bit more. Debbie needs space to process everything that’s happened.”
“That would be okay, but I don’t live here. I can’t just stand by and not try to fix this before I go home.”
“Weren’t you moving here?” Gabe asked.
“It’s none of your concern. I’m speaking with Wilma.”
Wilma didn’t know what to say. “If I see her, I’ll tell her you’re looking for her.”
“That’s all I ask.” Fritz gave Wilma a nod and returned to the taxi, leaving as abruptly as he had arrived.
“That’s something I didn’t expect,” Gabe said staring after the taxi. 
“You and me both.“
“Do you think Debbie will forgive him?”
Wilma let out a deep breath, her mind swirling with a mix of hope and stark reality. “I believe he means well, Gabe. Whether that's enough for Debbie, well, that’s her call to make. But you came looking for me today, didn’t you? What’s on your mind?”
Gabe gave a noncommittal shrug, his gaze drifting off. “It seems less important now. I should probably head back.”
“Hold on,” Wilma said.
He paused, a question in his eyes.
“You and I hardly ever get a moment to ourselves, always surrounded by others. So, now that I have your undivided attention, may I ask something personal?” Wilma asked.
Gabe nodded, signaling her to proceed.
“It’s about your family. I’ve known Malachi for some time, and Jed more recently. How do your parents feel about you both striking out on your own? Weren't you working with them on their farm?”
Gabe’s eyes lifted to the heavens momentarily, as if hoping to pluck his words from the sky, before settling back on Wilma with a certain heaviness. “My family’s story is a bit unconventional. We’ve faced our share of mountains to get over. My parents each left the community for a while when I was younger, dealing with their own battles.”
“That must have been tough,” Wilma sympathized.
“They've come a long way since then, leaving those struggles in the past. Malachi was the first to step away.”
“Malachi tends to keep his past close to his chest. Meeting Jed took us by surprise.”
A smile tugged at Gabe’s lips. “Malachi has earned our admiration. He ventured out, paved his own path, and now, he’s on the verge of becoming a dad.”
“I’m eagerly awaiting that day.” Wilma laughed.
“In time, you’ll get to know the rest of us,” Gabe promised.
“I do hope so. I’ll look forward to that day.” There was a silent moment before Wilma’s thoughts turned back to Debbie. “I’m just hoping Debbie finds peace.”
“I’m curious about what he has to share with her,” Gabe said. 
“Me too.” 

FAQs Series Reading Order

The Amish Bonnet Sisters series. (Best read in order)

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Book 23 Hope's Amish Wedding

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Book 42 Amish Circle of Blessings