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Amish Wedding Season

Follow the life and loves of the Fisher girls, beginning with Verity. Verity is shocked when Reuben King, the man who left her years ago, returns full of anger. Verity cannot understand why he is so upset with her when he is the one who left.

1. Impossible Love Click Here
2. Love at First Click Here
3. Faith’s Love Click Here
4. The Trials of Mrs. Fisher Click Here
5. A Simple Change Click Here

Amish Brides

With the encouragement from the Stutzmans, in the late 1700’s, the Shantz family join them in America and intending to share their farm and make new lives for themselves. There is an understanding between the two families that the oldest Shantz girl and one of the Stutzman boys will marry. Those plans are thrown to the wind when a young man collects the Shantz family in his wagon to drive them to their new home in Earltown.

1. Arranged Marriage Click Here
2. Falling in Love Click Here
3. Finding Love Click Here
4. Amish Second Loves Click Here
5. Amish Silence Click Here

Amish Secret Widow’s Society

When Emma Kurtzler is told her husband was killed in a construction accident, she is comforted by a group of widows. When these ladies begin to look into the mystery of her husband’s death, Emma soon learns there is more to these ladies than what first appears.

1. The Amish Widow Click Here
2. Hidden Click Here
3. Accused Click Here
4. Amish Regrets Click Here
5. Amish House of Secrets Click Here
6. Amish Undercover Click Here
7. Amish Breaking Point Click Here
8. Plain Murder Click Here
9. Plain Wrong Click Here
10. That Which Was Lost Click Here

Amish Baby Collection

A delightful collection of Amish romances featuring babies.  “I must say I’ve read many Amish books, but hers has them all beat, suspense, mystery, love it’s all there! I read this one in just a few hours, a real page turner. Love the Amish life? Samantha Price books are for you!” Amazon reviewer.

1. The Gambler’s Amish Baby Click Here
2. The Promise Click Here
3. Abandoned Click Here
4. Amish Baby Surprise Click Here
5. Amish Baby Gift Click Here
6. Amish Christmas Baby Gone Click Here

Amish Twin Hearts

Find out what happens when twins, separated at birth, meet for the first time on their eighteenth birthday and swap places. Emma was raised by her Amish grandmother and Isobel stayed with her mother and was raised English.

These twins started out with one plan that soon became distorted as circumstances around each changed. Learning to live and act Amish isn’t as easy as Isobel thinks and fitting into Isobel’s life isn’t easily accomplished by Amish-raised Emma! Both learn some harsh lessons about trust, family and relationships in the well-written Amish love story! A MUST READ FOR ALL LOVERS OF AMISH STORIES! -Amazon reviewer.

1. Amish Trading Places Click Here
2. Amish Truth Be Told Click Here
3. The Big Beautiful Amish Woman Click Here
4. The Amish Widow and the Millionaire Click Here

Amish Foster Girls

Mr. and Mrs. Graber couldn’t have any children of their own, so they opened up their home to foster girls to give them a better home.

 After the death of her parents and several foster homes, Elizabeth was placed with the Grabers, a kind Amish family that became her home. Add to this mix an English family, the Doyles, her foster sisters, and a boyfriend, Joseph. Quite enough excitement for one lifetime. You will love Samantha Prices’ AMISH GIRL’S CHRISTMAS. Read it for the holidays. Amazon reviewer.

1. Amish Girl’s Christmas Click Here
2. Amish Foster Girl Click Here
3. The New Amish Girl Click Here
4. The New Girl’s Amish Romance Click Here