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Amish Wedding Season Complete series. (5 Books-in-1)

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In this set of novellas, experience a tale of impossible love, love at first sight, faith, and the trials faced by Mrs. Fisher. As the story unfolds, readers witness a journey of forgiveness, redemption, and the transformative power of love.

Verity Fisher finds herself confronting Reuben King, the man who abandoned her, leaving her destined for a life of loneliness. As she watches her peers in the Amish community marry, Verity's love turns to bitterness. But what caused Reuben, a wealthy man living an extravagant life, to return to the simple Amish ways, leaving behind his lavish lifestyle and his English fiancée?

Reviewers have praised this beautiful and inspirational Amish story, with its themes of forgiveness and love. Readers commend Samantha Price's skillful storytelling and the depth of emotions portrayed in the characters. This heartfelt narrative captures the essence of finding love when all seems lost, reminding us of the grace and blessings that can be found even in unexpected places.

 This box set includes:

Book 1 Impossible Love

Book 2 Love at First

Book 3 Faith's Love

Book 4 The Trials of Mrs. Fisher

Book 5 A Simple Change