Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Omnibus: Volume 6 (PAPERBACK BOX SET)

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Please note that this is 3 Books-in-1 and not 3 separate books. 

Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries box set Volume 6. 
Contains books 16, 17, and 18.
Amish Mystery at Rose Cottage: Recently widowed Nell begged Ettie Smith to help her find out what happened to Jedidiah Shoneberger. Weeks before his planned wedding to Nell forty years ago, Jedidiah disappeared. Fearing he was dead, Ettie was about to say no to Nell when her older sister volunteered Ettie's help.
Plain Secrets: 
Selena Lehman inherits a house from her estranged Amish grandfather and visits to take a look. When she sees it's not being cared for, she confronts the caretaker, John Yoder.
The condition of the house falls to a low priority when she learns her grandfather died in prison after admitting to murder. Convinced there's more to this story, she finds her way to Ettie Smith's doorstep.

Fear Thy Neighbor: 
Ettie Smith always knew something was amiss with Stacey and Greville Charmers, the neighbors next door. When Greville is killed by an intruder, Ettie knows there is more to the story. Once Ettie learns the reason Stacey and Greville came to live on the edge of the Amish community, will that give her a clue to who killed Greville?

From the reviewers:

★★★★★ Love this series! These 2 sisters are so cute! These 'Cozy' mysteries are so good . . . Always a surprise @ the end of 'who done it'. 

★★★★★ Reminds me of "Murder She Wrote", I love a good mystery, without having nightmares about it. 

★★★★★ Such fun mysteries. I hope MS Price writes more of these stories.

★★★★★ I really enjoyed this book. The mystery kept me guessing to the end, and I loved the relationship between the two sisters! Great read :D