Full Series Amish Romance Paperback Omnibuses

Full Series Amish Romance Paperback Omnibuses

Full Series Amish Romance Paperback Omnibuses by Samantha Price

If you're an avid reader of Amish romance stories, you're in for a treat! Introducing four brand new omnibus edition paperbacks by Samantha Price.

What is an Omnibus Paperback?

An omnibus paperback is a single book that contains multiple volumes of a series, in one handy volume. This means no more waiting to get your hands on the next book in the series – you can enjoy the entire journey from start to finish without interruption.

Introducing Four New Amish Paperback Omnibus Editions

Here are the four new omnibus edition paperbacks, each containing a COMPLETE SERIES in ONE volume.

  1. Amish Wedding Season Follow the heartwarming and sometimes challenging journey of love and commitment during the wedding season in an Amish community. (5 books)
  2. Amish Romance Secrets Dive into a world of hidden feelings and unexpected relationships as secrets unfold in this captivating series. (6 books)
  3. Amish Brides Experience the joys and trials of finding true love through the eyes of various Amish brides, each with their unique stories. (5 books)
  4. Amish Foster Girls Discover the touching stories of foster girls navigating life, love, and faith within the Amish community. (4 books)
  1. Amish Wedding Season
  2. Amish Romance Secrets
  3. Amish Brides
  4. Amish Foster Girls

Why You'll Love These Amish Omnibuses

  • Complete Series in One Volume: Enjoy the entire series without the need to purchase each book separately.
  • Convenience: Perfect for long reading sessions or as a gift for a fellow book lover.
  • Immersive Experience: Get lost in the rich, detailed worlds Samantha Price creates, with characters that feel like old friends.


Grab all 4 Omnibus Paprbacks HERE and enjoy a 10% (limited time) discount.

By adding these beautiful omnibus editions to your collection, you’ll enjoy hours of reading pleasure. Enjoy!


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