Series Reading Order

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Book 1 Amish Rose

Book 2 Amish Tulip

Book 3 Amish Daisy

Book 4 Amish Lily

Book 5 Amish Violet

Book 6 Amish Willow



 Book 1 His Amish Nanny

 Book 2 The Amish Maid's Sweetheart

 Book 3 The Amish Deacon's Daughter



Book 1 Amish Mercy

Book 2 Amish Honor

Book 3 A Simple Kiss

Book 4 Amish Joy

Book 5 Amish Family Secrets

Book 6 The Englisher 

Book 7 Missing Florence

Book 8 Their Amish Stepfather

Book 9 A Baby For Florence

Book 10 Amish Bliss

Book 11 Amish Apple Harvest  

Book 12 Amish Mayhem 

Book 13 The Cost of Lies  

Book 14 Amish Winter of Hope 

Book 15 A Baby For Joy 

Book 16 The Amish Meddler 

Book 17 The Unsuitable Amish Bride

Book 18 Her Amish Farm 

Book 19 The Unsuitable Amish Wedding

Book 20 Her Amish Secret

Book 21 Amish Harvest Mayhem

Book 22 Amish Family Quilt

Book 23 Hope's Amish Wedding

Book 24 A Heart of Hope

Book 25 A Season for Change

Book 26 Amish Farm Mayhem

Book 27 The Stolen Amish Wedding

Book 28 A Season for Second Chances

Book 29 A Change of Heart

Book 30 The Last Wedding

Book 31 Starting Over 

Book 32 Love and Cherish 

Book 33 Amish Neighbors 

Book 34 Her Amish Quilt 

Book 35 A Home of Their Own

Book 36 A Chance for Love 

Book 37 Her Amish Wish 

Book 38 Amish Harvest Time (releases September, 2023)



 Book 1 The Amish Girl Who Never Belonged

 Book 2 The Amish Spinster

 Book 3 The Amish Bishop's Daughter

 Book 4 The Amish Single Mother

 Book 5 The Temporary Amish Nanny

 Book 6 Jeremiah's Daughter

 Book 7 My Brother's Keeper

 Book 8 The Amish Marriage Pact



Book 1 Amish Widow's Hope

Book 2 The Pregnant Amish Widow

Book 3 Amish Widow's Faith

Book 4 Their Son's Amish Baby

Book 5 Amish Widow's Proposal

Book 6 The Pregnant Amish Nanny

Book 7 A Pregnant Widow's Amish Vacation

Book 8 The Amish Firefighter's Widow

Book 9 Amish Widow's Secret

Book 10 The Middle-Aged Amish Widow

Book 11 Amish Widow's Escape 

Book 12 Amish Widow's Christmas

Book 13 Amish Widow's New Hope

Book 14 Amish Widow's Story

Book 15 Amish Widow's Decision

Book 16 Amish Widow's Trust

Book 17 The Amish Potato Farmer's Widow

Book 18 Amish Widow's Tears

Book 19 Amish Widow's Heart 



Book 1 Secrets Come Home

Book 2 Amish Murder

Book 3 Murder in the Amish Bakery

Book 4 Amish Murder Too Close

Book 5 Amish Quilt Shop Mystery

Book 6 Amish Baby Mystery

Book 7 Betrayed 

Book 8 Amish False Witness

Book 9 Amish Barn Murders

Book 10 Amish Christmas Mystery

Book 11 The Amish Cat Caper

Book 12 Lost: Amish Mystery

Book 13 Amish Cover-Up

Book 14 The Last Word

Book 15 Old Promises

Book 16 Amish Mystery at Rose Cottage

Book 17 Plain Secrets

Book 18 Fear Thy Neighbor

Book 19 Amish Winter Murder Mystery

Book 20 Amish Scarecrow Murders

Book 21 Threadly Secret

Book 22 Sugar and Spite

Book 23 A Puzzling Amish Murder

Book 24 Amish Dead and Breakfast

Book 25 Amish Mishaps and Murder

Book 26 A Deadly Amish Betrayal

Book 27 Amish Buggy Murder (releases August 2023)



Book 1 Amish Girl's Christmas

 Book 2 Amish Foster Girl

 Book 3 The New Amish Girl

 Book 4 The New Girl's Amish Romance



Book 1 The Amish Bachelor

Book 2 His Amish Romance

Book 3 Joshua's Choice

Book 4 Forbidden Amish Romance

Book 5 The Quiet Amish Bachelor

Book 6 The Determined Amish Bachelor

Book 7 Amish Bachelor's Secret



Book 1 The Amish Widow

Book 2 Hidden

Book 3 Accused

Book 4 Amish Regrets

Book 5 Amish House of Secrets

Book 6 Amish Undercover

Book 7 Amish Breaking Point

Book 8 Plain Murder

Book 9 Plain Wrong

Book 10 That Which Was Lost



Book 1 The Amish Woman and Her Last Hope 

Book 2 The Amish Woman and Her Secret Baby

Book 3 The Amish Widower's Promise

Book 4 The Amish Visitors

Book 5 The Amish Dreamer

Book 6 The Amish School Teacher

Book 7 Amish Baby Blessing

Book 8 Amish Christmas Wedding



Book 1 A Simple Choice

Book 2 Annie's Faith

Book 3 A Small Secret

Book 4 Ephraim's Chance

Book 5 A Second Chance

Book 6 Choosing Amish



Book 1 Impossible Love

Book 2 Love At First

Book 3 Faith's Love

Book 4 The Trials of Mrs. Fisher

Book 5 A Simple Change



 Book 1 Arranged Marriage

 Book 2 Falling in Love

 Book 3 Finding Love

 Book 4 Amish Second Loves

 Book 5 Amish Silence



 Book 1 In Time For An Amish Christmas

 Book 2 Amish Christmas Bride

 Book 3 Amish Bachelor's Christmas

 Book 4 A Blessed Amish Christmas

Book 5 An Amish Christmas Caper

Book 6 Her Amish Christmas Baby 



The Unwanted Amish Twin. 


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