Bestselling Amish Books

Bestselling Amish Books

The Heart Behind 'The Amish Bonnet Sisters' Series: Family, Growth, and Unexpected Turns

As an author deeply connected to every storyline I weave, choosing a favorite series is akin to a parent choosing a favorite child. However, if pressed, I have a soft spot for 'The Amish Bonnet Sisters' series. Why? Because the past few years journeying with the Baker/Bruner family at the Baker Apple Orchard have been nothing short of living among kin.

A Sojourn with the Sisters

Many readers share that immersing themselves in these books feels like reuniting with family. I mirror this sentiment, as writing each chapter brings me back to a home that brims with love, tension, trials, and triumphs. It's a testament to the intricate lives of the characters who have become as familiar to me as my own family.

Misunderstood Villains or Flawed Heroes?

The series has drawn various reactions, particularly towards certain characters. Ada, for instance, garners criticism for her brash outspokenness and seemingly meddlesome nature. Wilma, on the other hand, is perceived to have burdened Florence with the rearing of her six girls. But aren't flaws what make us human? As the series progresses, each character evolves, learning from mistakes, growing from experiences, and, in essence, blooming where they are planted.

Love, Marriage, and the Paths Less Traveled

'The Amish Bonnet Sisters' charts the ebbs and flows of the Baker/Bruner girls as they blossom into womanhood, with journeys as unique as fingerprints. One particularly stirring narrative is of the sister who dared to love beyond the community boundaries, showcasing that the heart knows no fences.

The Genesis of 'The Amish Bonnet Sisters'

The seed of this series was planted in the fertile soil of family tales watered by generations of storytellers. My mother told me stories of her grandmother's family - dairy farmers blessed with a brood of 13 daughters. Amidst them stood Florence, a pillar of strength, managing the dairy and conjuring feasts, essentially the backbone of the homestead. This real-life Florence lent her spirit to the character we've all come to admire in the series.

Interestingly, while I intended for Florence to helm the series, the narrative organically shifted as other characters surged to the forefront, demanding their tales be told. It's a beautiful reminder that stories, like life, are unpredictable.

A Journey Far from Over

Currently, at its 39th book, 'The Amish Bonnet Sisters series continues to be a cherished saga for many. It's a tapestry of trials, resilience, and the enduring strength of family bonds.

To all my readers, thank you for being a part of this journey, for embracing this world, and for sometimes guiding the path these stories take. Here's to more moments with the Baker/Bruner family within the orchard's embrace.

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