Why read Amish Large Print Books?

Why read Amish Large Print Books?

In our increasingly digital world, there's something uniquely satisfying about reading a physical book. The tactile experience of turning pages, the distinct scent of paper, and the ability to physically mark your progress through the story are just a few reasons why many readers still prefer print books.

Large print books, in particular, offer additional advantages. They are easier on the eyes, making them accessible for readers who may struggle with smaller fonts due to vision impairments. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can enjoy the immersive experience of a good book without the strain that often comes with reading smaller text.

Print books also encourage a deeper connection with the material. Without the distractions of notifications and screen glare, readers can fully immerse themselves in the narrative, fostering a more engaging and enjoyable reading experience. There's a certain comfort in holding a book and the sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing it.

In this blog post, I am excited to showcase my (Samantha Price) Amish fiction series available in large print. These editions make it possible for all readers to enjoy the heartwarming and intriguing stories of Amish life that I've crafted. From tales of love and faith to family and community, my Amish fiction books offer a glimpse into a simpler, yet deeply meaningful way of life.

Discover the charm of Amish fiction in large print and immerse yourself in stories that highlight the beauty of Amish traditions and values. Whether you're a longtime fan of Amish romance or new to the genre, my large print editions provide an accessible and enjoyable reading experience for everyone. Explore my Samantha Price Amish book collection today and find your next favorite Amish book.

Below, you'll find a list of Amish series of books that are available in large print paperback editions:

The Amish Bonnet Sisters (Large Print Paperbacks)


41 books in this series, 42 when the final book is released in June, 2024.

Readers say it's like visiting with old friends when they read this beloved series. A firm reader favorite, this series has been an Amazon Bestseller for the past five years. More than just an Amish Romance series, it is a compelling family saga that follows Wilma Baker, a widowed mother of six daughters and three older step-children. Each book unveils new challenges, secrets, and unexpected twists and turns, from budding romances to unforeseen trials, all while highlighting the enduring strength and unity of sisterhood.

The series is best read in order.


Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries (Large Print Paperbacks)


Presently there are 28 books in the series. Each book is a stand-alone read.

Join the beloved amateur sleuth, Ettie Smith, as she unravels mysteries within her Amish community. This cozy mystery series blends suspense with charm, featuring Ettie's keen intuition and knack for finding clues. Each book presents a new puzzle that will keep you guessing right to the end. Perfect for fans of gentle whodunits.


Expectant Amish Widows (Large Print Paperbacks)


Follow the emotional and uplifting journeys of Amish widows as they find hope and love amidst their grief. This series showcases the resilience and faith of women rebuilding their lives after loss, especially when discovering they are pregnant with their late husband's child. Each story reveals a unique path to healing, filled with tender moments, new beginnings, and the transformative power of love.


Seven Amish Bachelors (Large Print Paperbacks) 

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Discover the enchanting world of the seven Amish Fuller brothers in this captivating series. Each book delves into the personal struggles and romantic endeavors of a different brother, revealing unexpected dramas, forbidden attractions, and the trials of falling for the wrong girl. With endearing characters, this series is an exploration of love, faith, and the pursuit of happiness in the Amish community.

These seven books are best read in order. 


Amish Foster Girls (Large Print Paperbacks)


Experience the touching stories of Amish foster girls as they find their place in a new community. This series focuses on the challenges and joys of fostering, highlighting the strength of familial bonds and the kindness of the Amish people. Each book presents a unique tale of adaptation, acceptance, and love.

These four books are best read in order. 


Amish Love Blooms (Large Print Paperbacks) 

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Discover a heartwarming six-novel series that follows the romantic journeys of four sisters and their two cousins. Guided by their controlling mother, who is determined to marry off all her daughters, they navigate love and learn important life lessons. Unexpected twists arise when two sisters fall for the same man, and another sister refuses to marry a man, despite her feelings, simply because her mother approves of him. These stories unfold in enchanting settings with heartfelt narratives. Celebrate the beauty of love, the serendipity of romance, and the unwavering strength of family bonds in this delightful collection.

These six novels are best read in order.


Amish Romance Secrets (Large Print Paperbacks)

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Discover the hidden passions and secret loves within the Amish community. This series unravels the complexities of forbidden love and clandestine relationships, offering a glimpse into the private lives of its characters. Each book is a tantalizing tale of romance, secrets, and the courage to follow one's heart.

These six novellas are best read in order.


Amish Misfits (Large Print Paperback)


A series of seven stand-alone novels about Amish individuals who don't quite fit the mold in this heartwarming series. Each book features a unique woman struggling to find her place in the world and within the Amish community, battling feelings of isolation and seeking acceptance. These stories are a testament to the power of individuality and the search for belonging.

These novels can be read in any order.


Amish Maids Trilogy (Large Print Paperbacks)

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A set of 3 full-length novels following 5 friends, each with their own story of love and devotion. This trilogy highlights the daily lives and romantic entanglements of these hardworking women, offering a rich tapestry of Amish culture and personal growth. Each book is a celebration of love, faith, and perseverance.

These three novels are best read in order. 


Amish Wedding Season (Large Print Paperback)


Celebrate the joyous occasion of Amish weddings in this delightful series. Each book focuses on a different couple's journey to the altar, filled with romance, challenges, and the support of their community. These heartwarming tales are a perfect blend of tradition, love, and the excitement of new beginnings.

A series of five novellas, best read in order. 


Amish Christmas Books (Large Print Paperbacks)


Experience the magic of Christmas in the Amish community with this enchanting stand-alone series of six books, each featuring completely different characters and unique storylines. Each book is a festive tale of holiday cheer, love, and faith, capturing the spirit of the season. From heartwarming family gatherings to unexpected miracles, these stories are the perfect way to celebrate the joy of Christmas.

In "In Time for An Amish Christmas," you'll find a captivating time switch, while "The Amish Christmas Caper" offers a delightful romantic comedy. Celebrate the season with these unforgettable tales.


These large print editions ensure everyone can read these books, experiencing the simplicity, faith and romance that define these stories. 

Happy Reading!


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