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  • A Pregnant Widow's Amish Vacation
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A Pregnant Widow's Amish Vacation (PAPERBACK)

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Paperback, Expectant Amish Widows Book 7

Jane Walker, an Englisher, faces the overwhelming challenge of being widowed and expecting a child. Struggling with severe depression, Jane is thrust from her self-made cocoon when her colleagues gift her a vacation in Amish country, despite her strong resentment towards the Amish.

Intending to keep to herself, Jane's plans quickly change when she encounters a charming Amish widower. As they discover a shared experience, Jane wonders if this common ground could be the key to their connection or the barrier that drives them apart.

Caught between the past and the possibility of new love, Jane must confront her hidden grudge and the shameful secret about her late husband. Will she find solace and a future with the Amish widower, or is she on the brink of another heartbreak?